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Scented Interview

Marianne Nebt

Your perfume ?
Today is “Eau du Soir” by Sisley. Yesterday it was “The Air of Nothing” by Miller Harris

Your favorite smell ?
The smell of a fig tree exposed to the sun and the Frésias.

A culinary smell ?
The curry

An unpleasant smell ?

An ideal perfume?
The one that makes you think of the holidays and that leaves a trace.

The smell of a place ?
The smell of the Corsican maquis when I get off the plane in Calvi, for life!

The ideal smell ?
The smell of a garden in spring or after love.

The smell of your brand?
The brand I will create a day or yours? Otherwise it would be a mixture of fig, amber and tuberose.

What olfactory experience have you experienced with Quintessence and what brings perfume to your brand?
The Aiguille Rouge perfume reminds me instantly a person. This fragrance is masculine, a little tobacco, a little licorice, I find it sensual and enveloping and I like the perfume that my candle leaves in the room.

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